The first step in working with Aperion Energy Group is for us to conduct an energy audit of your facilities. This audit is scheduled time during which Aperion’s professionally trained auditors will visit your location and do a comprehensive review.

How does an audit work?

First we establish your energy baseline to understand WHY, HOW and WHEN your business uses energy. We do this by analyzing your past 12-24 months of Billing & Usage information.

Next we walk through your facility, documenting and inspecting your meter, lighting, HVAC system, and other parts of your facility to identify possible energy saving measures.

Based on your Energy Baseline and Onsite Inspection we will compile our findings and recommendations into a custom report. This will include a review of your eligibility to participate in other energy savings programs such as Demand Response and Onsite Power Generation.

Finally, we walk you through our findings and recommendations report with you. This includes the proposed energy savings measure, cost to implement, simple payback, any rebates or other programs you are eligible for, and financing options available through Aperion.

Aperion’s team is fully equipped to implement all recommendations you will receive in your review as Turn-Key Solutions. We will manage the project from start to finish, providing you with an energy efficient facility ready to save you money.

What can this save you?

After we have completed your energy audit, we will provide a detailed analysis of your facilities with recommended efficiency upgrades to get you where you need to be.

Based on these possible next steps, Aperion’s team of qualified professionals is capable of providing turn-key solutions to implement these recommendations from start to finish.

How to get started with Aperion

To get started today call one of our professionals at 866-846-2241 or click the button below.