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We specialize in identifying and implementing the energy efficiency improvements that will bring your business costs lower than ever before.

Energy Auditing

We evaluate your existing building for energy deficiencies and provide you with a recommended set of steps to resolve them.

Turnkey Solutions

With an experienced team, Aperion is ready to manage the implementation of these recommendations from start-to-finish.

Power Generation

Aperion specializes in Onsite Power Generation. We are able to install and operate a variety of systems for your specific needs.

Average Energy Savings

Take a look at these US Monthly Averages for how much of your bill the top two energy consumers in your building account for. Compare those to the average savings seen through implementation of Aperion's recommended solutions:
U.S. HVAC Average
Aperion HVAC Average
U.S. Lighting Average
Aperion Lighting Average

Proven Results

We work with the best. Our team members have over 30 years of combined experience in the energy industry. We have worked with some of the largest companies in Texas and we have worked with smaller ones. It doesn’t matter how big your building or facility is, we can help you lower your energy consumption.

Meet Our Team

You Can Save On Energy Cost. Let Us Help.